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Having only a few days left before arriving at home we decided to focus on the capitals of the countries on our further route.
After for our habits excellent and fast border crossing (it took no more than 5 minutes) we followed the road through the snowy landscape to the highway, from where we quickly went on to Belgrade, capital of Serbia. Only our gasoline pointer has been even faster.

The cold but snow-free Belgrade with its rughly 1.7 million inhabitants is the third largest town along the Danube river. First we noticed the many ruined buildings in town. Remains from several bombings which the city had to experience in the 20th century - the last one was in 1999 by NATO during the Kosovo War.

We had hardly exchanged the Turkish lira in Bulgarian Lev, now the Serbian dinar as currency was in the 'agenda'. Since we stay/stayed only for short timein the different European countries we quickly got confused several times with the question of which country we are in and what currency we have to pay with. A big 'Thanks' to debit and credit cards at this point...

Among others we visited the fortress of Belgrade, at the mouth of the river Sava and Danube before we walked alongKnez Mihailova ulica, a known shopping street and visited the National Theatre and National Museum and other official buildings. From the Trg Republike (Republic Square) we made it to the house of the National Assembly before beginning rain in addition to the already little motivational cold announced the end of our - rather short - sightseeing tour.

Destroyed buildings in Belgrade
Belgrade fort
Belgrade fort
Belgrade fort
Knez Mihailova ulica
House of Assembly in Belgrade

In the evening we were invited by the owner of our apartment and her husband on a Slivovitz, a plum brandy. It did not happen only once that we clinked glasses with a loud Živeli!!! (Cheers). On the eve of our onward journey we even got a bottle of it as present. Thus, drinks stock for the onward journey is secured!

After three nights in Belgrade, it should then go even into the next country, Hungary, and thus the next capital, Budapest.