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With brand new Pakistan visas in the pocket and after eight days in Germany Nadine finally arrived back in Delhi on October 30.
The proper and settled driving behaviour of the people in Germany made Nadine quickly forget about the Indian habits on their roads. That is why it was a bit difficult for her to get used to the chaotic Indian traffic, again. But after two days one can get used to every roller coaster!
With having the information provided by the German embassy in Islamabad in mind, after which necessary approvals for the journey through the Pakistani province of Balochistan would currently not be issued by the competent authorities, we left smoggy Delhi towards Amritsar, the last stop on our trip through India, whose end we could not wait.

Amritsar is a town close to the port with Pakistan and, at the same time, home to the Golden Temple of the Sikh, their most sacred place. The temple with its golden shiny walls is surrounded by a pool and white buildings. Here one will watch numerous Sikh who wash in the pool and take the walk around the temple before etnering its golden shrine.

Golde Temple in Amritsar
Golde Temple in Amritsar
Golde Temple in Amritsar

Around noon, we went to the border. While the Indian authorities did not miss the opportunity to show their slow and unexperienced way of working one more time (the departure took two hours!), we entered Pakistan in less than half an hour.