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RAIN forest

After a smooth and fast border crossing (again without customs searching our car even for a minute) we now found ourselves in Thailand, land 5 on our route. Before the border we refilled the car once more, because in Thailand the gasoline is much more expensive. While it was 0.65 $US/l in Malaysia, Thailand charges drivers with outrageous 1,13 $US/l.

Ko Tao beach
Ko Pha-Ngan beach
Big Buddha Ko Samui

After we had exchanged our remaining Malaysian Ringgit into Thai Baht, our first destination was the Krabi region where we actually wanted to spend some time with sunbathing at beach. But the rainy season made ​​us a spanner in the works and so we found ourselves cafe with a glass of beer while the heavy rain was going on. I once again found a leftover bill in my pocket and the exchange brought us the money for exactly 2 beer - at such moments Enrico almost always rolls with the eyes, but this time it has brought us "free" beer andgrumbling remained off. Phew! ;) . The original plan was doing a trip with a kayak and a go for some climbing, but the heavy rain said 'No!' and so we spent 2 days with shopping and beach walks as soon as the rain stopped for a while.

Buttress root tree
Ao Nang beach
Working elephant

Since we got to know nearby Phuket last year already, we skipped it and went on to Khao Sok National Park - one of the oldest rainforests in the world and home to many animal species.
On the way there we got to see a working elephant. Upon arrival at the 'resort' we were pleasantly surprised. Our little bungalow was very comfortable and very clean. And there were little baby kitten which of course extremely pleased me and caused us to to spend more time in the main house as in our bungalow. Enrico wasn't disturbed by that at all because the wifi was only available in the same area.
The next day we went with full rain gear into the National Park. Unfortunately, only one of the three hiking trails was open because of the heavy rains and even that one only for a few kilometers until you would reach a closed gate. Accompanied by rain and the loudest cicadas, which we ever have heard (forget about the ones in Australia - those in Thailand sound like standing next to a working circular saw!), we went in search of some exotic species. We found a few macaques who had their toilet aligned exactly above the trail, different species of birds, butterflies, lizards, cicadas and a leech, which was more interested in our backpack than us.

Bungalow in Khao Sok National Park

Back in the hotel we took care of the acquisition of further documents necessary for both Pakistan and Iran visa. In the evening we enjoyed the tranquility with a glass of beer on our covered balcony. After searching the car, we found a pack of tea lights. Surprisingly, we had not seen a mosquito during our stay. A small idyllic and tranquil paradise. Despite continuous rain. It is rainy season and Khao Sok the place with the highest rainfall rate in all of Thailand. One doesn't need to install a shower here.

Fishermen near Prachuap Khiri Khan
Great Palace of Bangkok
Power lines in Bangkok

After three nights, it was time to say goodbye. Our next destination was Bangkok. Unfortunately there was not enough time to spend a few days on Ko Tao, island which last year was on our route and gave us so much that we spent 15 nights on the island instead of 4 nights as originally planned. After a longing look towards the ferry and a night at the beach further north, the following afternoon we arrived in the capital.
During the next few days our way was leading us to the Myanmar embassy to apply for a visa (once more) see Mitsubishi workshop.
We also again had to obtain flawless, dog-ear-fre, glue-free, torn-free, unpainted, brand new US dollar notes for Myanmar. Fortunately, the banks know about this issue and it was no problem to get such. Tomorrow morning we leave Bangkok northbound. After a few short stops along the way we want to be in Mae Sot near the border to Myanmar aroung the 29. of September. There we will meet up with the other participants of our tour through Myanmar. Start is at the 1st of October. Then it goes for 7 days through the country towards India.

We were waiting long for this moment whose organization made ​​a lot of work. Enrico said that if he would want to get the total number of "Myanmar mails" displayed, the e-mail program would crash completely. ;)