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Dili version 2

Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It is the second time within a year we made it here. Even though the car is still in a container on the Daya Maju waiting for getting shipped to Malaysia we already reached the same 'island' aas our final destination (Germany) located on.

Since there is no direct bus connectin between the airport and Klang in the south west of Kuala Lumpur, we were forced to take a taxi. After our time in Indonesia with lts f traffic jams and slow going cars it felt pretty unfamiliar when going with 120 km/h on a wide and flat almost empty road. An experience we didn't have since Australia.

Our main task in Klang was now ... waiting. As we already learned this seems to be the most common 'activity' when dealing with cargo ships. The problem is not the fact that a ship is moving slowly. As a start, it simply should go! When we went to the shipping company's office we heard about another delay of the vessel and furthermore and even worse: additional costs for the container handling, which we were not informed about on Indonesian side prior to booking of the shipping. After lots of complaining and arguing we knew: this is Dili version 2!
Furthermore due to the weekend and national holiday there was no one working at the port for three days. Even more waiting.

Tuk Tuk
Car in container
Car in container

We now hope to receive our car on Wednesday (3rd of September) and leave Klang and the day after. Meanwhile we booked the crossing of Myanmar. Unfortunately two more potential participants were forced to cancel since they wouldn't have made it on time. So we now scheduled the beginning of the crossing for the 1st of October.
Furthermore we already got to know Anje und Izaak who will participate in the trip through Myanmar. We had a lot to talk about and plenty of fun on a long evening and look forward to a see them again.