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Ferry, car, ferry, car, ferry, car

9th of August at 2am. With the car ferry we reach the port of Sape on the eastern coast of the island of Sumbawa, after we had to wait four days in Labuan Bajo for the ferry to leave.
After a few hours of sleep in the car we get up early in the morning to start crossing the island. In our opinion, the island of Sumbawa has not much to offer and also due to lack of time we decided to swiftly drive through. In the early afternoon we arrived in Poto Tano, the small port town (rather village) on the western coast, from where we could catch a ferry to Lombok, the western neighbor island. As soon as we leave the port area we are in the middle of massive traffice and there was no place along the road which was not build-up. Our destinatiion on the island of Lombok was Sengiggi on the west coast. It was no more than 100 km from the port to Sengiggi. But nevertheless it took more than three hours.
After a shower and a few hours of sun on the following day we moved to the port they day after to head over to Bali. Our 4WD actually got pretty lost between the long and wide trucks.

Horse car
Waiting for the ferry
Ferry to Bali

Because we liked it so much we checked in at at the same hotel in Sanur we used on our trip here in 2013. When we were in the hotel and in the evening drank a cocktail at the bar, we remembered to have been sitting here just eleven months ago, waiting for the visa confirmation for Australia. Strange feeling.

Pura Goa Lawah temple
Hindu festive procession
Manta ray

After a trip to the town of Ubud northeast of the capital Denpasar, we used the rest of the day for swimming in the pool.

When we go for some 'shopping', especially in tourist regions like Bali, we like to try bargaining for 60% of the price. There is a reason for this: since Nadine's flip flops and my sunglasses got broken, we do hard on finding substitute that do net get broken after just one week.

Monkey sanctuary of Ubud
Monkey sanctuary of Ubud
Carrying things in head

On the evening of Nadine's birthday we tanked some cocktails in a Salsa bar. I knew that my dancing skills became pretty rusty during the last years and this is why I didn't feel much comfortable when we spotted three local dancers who danced in the bar for entertaining the guests and started asking the same for a dance. They may have looked like typical Balinese, but when watching them dancing it seemed they must have imported their legs and hips directly from Rio. After finishing the second cocktail and watching those dancers getting rebuffed by more guest it didn't take long until they were at our table. Nadine was asked by one of the dancers on the stage and shortly after Madame Rio de Janeiro also asked me to the center of the salsa bar - the dance floor. On our journey we always try not to say 'No'. So I outwardly: "Sure let's dance!". My heart cried out against it: "This will be a disgrace!". While the dancers both were surprised to see that we (rather only Nadine) could dance, Nadine's partner didn't hesitated and began to wipe the dance floor with Nadine's foot pads. Pure entertainment for the audience - in the most positive sense. But then I came. While the two cocktails took control over sense of tact, I tried my rusty hips not to make me look completely ridiculous next to the lady who probably already danced in 4/4 time out of the uterus.

After this first dance we were back at our table. While Nadine, an enthusiastic dancer, was smiling , was grinning and I happy about the fact she is enjoying here birthday, I held on my cold cocktail glas with both slightly sweaty hands.
But the break didn't last long. All the other guests didn't want to dance - neither alone nor with any of the three local dancers. The bar wasn't that big and so the ask us again. Die Bar war nicht allzu groß und schnell standen benannte Tänzer wieder bei uns am Tisch. Nadine had double the pleasure since there were indeed two gentlemen who alternately asked for a dance.

Despite Salsa dance course a ... few years ago I wasn't any good in it any more and to save me from a bad reputation on the dance floor it was time to take back Nadine. We asked the band for a quick cha-cha and then we started. Now, it was my turn to send Nadine into ... some turns, me likewise. Spinner, Hand To Hand, Fan, turkish towel, promenade. I didn't leave any turn out. We enjoyed ourselves pretty much. And at the end I reassured myself: 'You still can do it!'.
The band was sang a birthday song for Nadine and the bar owner gave Nadine a free cupcake and cocktail.

Stone carvings in Ubud
Tokeh gecko
Salsa bar

But result of the dancing came the next morning. Due to the fact that we do not have any other shows than flip flops and trekking shoes with us we were dancing without any. Nadine got blisters on her feet which looked a bit like the surface of the moon. For the next days she should stay pretty limited in outdoor activities. But Nadine about this: it was worth it!