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Off to Canberra! - MO, 19/05/2014, slightly cloudy, 16°C

After one month of picking cherries and now five months working on a salad farm it is time to pack up and drive to Canberra. Here we want to organise the final necessary equipment and especially visas. It is 8.00 am, the car is clean, fully loaded up to the rear door. The tank is full and it is time to put our "Blue Beast" on the street! Today we have a distance of 520 km to do which take their time with the speed limits of 100 km/h here in Australia. Most important feature in the car: cruise control!
We turn onto the Princes Highway Nr. 1 and head through the flat East Gippsland region towards the small town of Bairnsdale. On the left we can see in the distance the foothills of the Great Dividing Range, which we will have to cross later. We pass the small town of Cann River in south-eastern Victoria and switch onto the Monaro Highway and head north. I remember when we came through here the first time we were stopped by a police patrol at 2 pm: breath test! What the average German car driver probably puts a smile on the face (particularly with regard to the time), is taken absolutely seriously by the Australian police. Drink driving is one of the most common causes of accidents in Australia and the media repeatedly reports of drunken drivers caught in the act in the middle of day.

3km long straight
Road B23 between Cooma and Canberra:
going straight for more than 3 km

Shortly after noon we reach an altitude of 1100 meters. The stage between the small town of Bombala and the Australian capital Canberra is very dreary: barren grasslands with little green line the image. And because of the speed limit (only 100 km/h - again here comes through that we are Germans) the route seems to take forever. Nadine's question was not long in coming: "If this already takes so long what do we have to expect in the other countries where we will be forced to do 50 km/h maximum due to the road conditions there?" My response: "...!".
At about 3.30 pm we reach the capital. From one moment to the other the dull monotonous grassland landscape switches to an ocean of houses with multi-lane roads and traffic lights. Since the issuing of the necessary visas is expected to take the longest time, our first stop should be the embassy district in Canberra tomorrow. We spend the rest of the day we in peace with a cup of wine before the mosquitoes chase us back into the car.