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About us

'Travelling does not only let one overcome geographical limits but also those in the mind. It allows people to grow together without disputing identities, because travelling teaches you how amazing and important the diversity of earth is.'

- Rüdiger Nehberg (German survival expert and human rights activist) - quote translated from German

Makassar, Sulawesi
We in Makassar on the
island of Sulawesi

Our previous travel experiences

In the summer of 2008 we undertook our first holiday outside of Europe - our destination was Egypt. For the first time we saw totally different culture and religion at first hand. The experiences made ​​us want more.

Since many years "work and travel" is a popular way of travelling in foreign countries that offer appropriate visas. We were also very impressed with this idea and so we went in mid-2010 to tour Australia - based on a "Working Holiday visa". With a one-year residence and work permit, we moved to 'Down Under'.

We drew the visa to the full. In Perth we purchased a four by four vehicle. We travelled 30000 km through all the states and territories of the Australian mainland. During that trip the Australian way of life as grown fond on us.

En route in Down Under
En route in 'Down Under'

With having the option for a second Working Holiday visa, in July 2011 we came back to Germany. But Australia has made us getting the travel bug, which is why we, despite being employed on a permanent basis, in June 2012 decided to re-pack the backpacks. Our destination was Scotland. The next four months we toured the country with the bike and covered a distance of not less than 1600 km.

1600km on bikes through Scotland
1600 km on bikes
through Scotland

After that we wanted to increase the 'difficulty' somewhat. And so, starting in March 2013, our next trip led us to China - the Middle Kingdom. After two months full of unforgettable experiences our next destination was Southeast Asia. With our backpacks having their optimum weight and packing system achieved we had a good basis for a one-month stay in Vietnam, followed by a month in Cambodia and Laos.

Bagan Plains, Myanmar
Bagan Plains, Myanmar

After arriving in Bangkok, Thailand, we spontaneously decided to undertake a two-week trip to the western neighbouring country Myanmar, before we later travelled through Thailand, Malaysia and some islands of Indonesia. In October 2013, we entered Australia again (based on the Second Working Holiday visa).

We now focussed on working and saving money, since the last seven months have had their price. However, the purchase of a vehicle was also planned, which facilitates job search and individual travel in the country. With also having the intention to travel to more remote regions of Australia again, it was clear for us from the outset that it has to be a car with four-wheel drive again. Also Enrico raved about driving once more on Fraser Island, the biggest sand island in the world. With almost no paved roads this island guarantees a lot of fun for all passionate 4WD drivers.

...from Australia to Germany by car?

This idea was born on a domestic flight in Indonesia. Since that time it always buzzed around in our heads. In December 2013, we decided to do a extensive research and cost forecast to get an idea of possibility, difficulty and cost of such a trip. In April, we finally made the decision: we do it!

We plan to do the trip with our already acquired 4WD. You can find more about our car as well as travelogue and some statistics on the following pages.

Who we are



born in 1986 and grew up in Thuringia, Germany

active until the beginning of 2013 as a customer consultant in a bank

reading books like there'd be no tomorrow, scuba diving, skiing, dancing, travelling the world



born in 1986 and grew up in Thuringia, Germany

active until the beginning of 2013 as an IT administrator

driving everything that has an engine, scuba diving, skydiving, bungee jumping, snowboarding, dancing, travelling the world

'Dance videos' from us

"Stupid Dancing" ala Matt Harding in Australia during our travel in 2010 / 2011:

Dancing throughout Australia (2011) - Matt Harding style

"Stupid Dancing" ala Matt Harding in Scotland during our travel in 2012:

Dancing across Scotland (2012) - Matt Harding style